What is the rate of change from x = π to x = 2π? (6 points) trig graph with points at 0, negative 4 and pi over 2, 0 and pi, 4 and 3 pi over 2, 0 and 2 pi, negative 4PLEASE HELP!!!!!!a. 8 over pib. pi over 8c. negative 8 over pid. negative pi over 8

Accepted Solution

We are given points on trig graph as[tex](0,-4)[/tex][tex](\frac{\pi}{2} ,0)[/tex][tex](\pi ,4)[/tex][tex](\frac{3\pi}{2} ,0)[/tex][tex](2\pi ,-4)[/tex]now, we can find rate of change from x = π to x = 2πso, we will select two points [tex](\pi ,4)[/tex]  and [tex](2\pi ,-4)[/tex]we can also write as[tex]a=\pi , f(a)=4[/tex][tex]b=2\pi , f(b)=-4[/tex]now, we can use average rate of change formula [tex]A=\frac{f(b)-f(a)}{b-a}[/tex]now, we can plug valuesand we get [tex]A=\frac{-4-4}{2\pi -\pi}[/tex][tex]A=\frac{-8}{\pi }[/tex]so, option-C.............Answer